By Aaron Lim

Discovery Channel’s brand new show, WORST VACATION EVER, follows the adventures of celebrity brothers KC and Troy Montero as the duo boldly relive the worst and most unbelievable holiday anecdotes they can find – from pole dancing in the Philippines to Muay Thai matches in Thailand. Join us as we talk to the brothers about their adventures and what it takes to have fun in the weirdest situations.

Hi, this is Aaron from The Level.

Troy: Hi, nice to meet you.

KC: Hey, nice to meet you.


Hey.  So, just to get started, do you mind telling me a bit about this show and what it’s about?

Troy: Okay. So, basically, this show, it’s a travel show based on vacation reviews that we find through social media and other websites like TripAdvisor for trip reviews. Basically, when somebody’s talking about a vacation spot and out of, let’s say, you know, 500 reviews or something everyone’s saying they had the best time, there’s always a few of them that will say they had the worst time because this and that happened.  And what we wanted to do is try to highlight those people who had the worst vacation in, you know, a regular place, or a good vacation spot – And we want to know why, why they had a bad time, why was it the worst vacation and kind of – relive that.  So, we kind of go in and try to relive their experience and see if it really is the worst vacation ever.

Discovery Channel


That’s actually really cool. Who actually came up with the idea for this show?  Was it something that was proposed by a producer?  Or was it something that the two of you came up by yourself?

KC: So, we decide – we pitched a bunch of ideas to Discovery Channel because we had a lot of ideas.  Some of them were like the Best Vacation Ever where we go to five-star hotels and we drink mai tais by the beach.  That, obviously, wasn’t picked because we’ve seen that before..  So, the Worst Vacation was the one on the list that we were like, ‘Hope they don’t see this one’ but it was the most interesting.  So, yeah, they chose this one and  – I’m glad they did because, I mean, just the name alone, The Worst Vacation Ever, the title alone sticks – So, we go there on the premise that we’re going to have a bad vacation but because we are two happy-go-lucky brothers, we can turn any bad vacation into a good one.


That sounds like it’s a lot of fun.  So, where do you guys end up usually getting like your reviews?  Does it come from places such as TripAdvisor or do you guys visit sites like Reddit to look for travel anecdotes and stuff?

Troy: We go all over.  Basically, we just have a really small production team and the guys that end up going with us will be the cameraman, the director. My brother and I are the ones who end up doing it.

So, yeah, I mean, we have a little group and we end up kind of all doing the research together and taking it from social media, different websites and in the end, we kind of have a brainstorming meeting over beers and pizza, something like that.  And we all share what we found and we kind of just go through and eliminate everything until we find something that will fit into 30 minutes. Usually about 45 stories that’s it.  We go and get the permits and make all the arrangements and we go there to shoot in that location.  And sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. And, yeah, so for us we’re lucky that just about everything that we attempted to do actually worked out.


Oh, that sounds like it’s actually a really cool part of the process, actually.  Has there ever been a time when you guys found a review and then went to do part of that show or episode and realized that the experience is a lot better than you guys had expected? Have any of these horrible holidays actually turned out to be good?

KC: Actually, pretty much all of them have. What we’ve learned is it’s really how you kind of assess the situation. Barring like you get extremely hurt – I don’t think you can make that situation into a good one.  But usually what happens is we experience what someone else has experienced, and we’re like, ‘Hey, that’s not that bad.  It was actually kind of fun.’

Troy: Yeah, I mean, there’s a lot of things that can happen when you’re looking for something bad.  I mean, you know, like I said, we’re both pretty upbeat and our team is a really bunch of fun guys and gals so we end up having a good time. You know, we make fun of each other.  Sometimes, something would happen and we’d end up saying something like “I can’t believe we’re doing this” – So, there’s a lot of laughs and really good experiences while we’re shooting this show.

[KC & Troy Montero – 1.png]

So, have there been any super unexpected situations or things that you haven’t really prepared for in advance which really took you by surprise?

KC: Well, without giving too much of the show away, I would say one of the things I could share was that one of our cameramen fell down and had an accident whilst shooting the show and we were out in the middle of nowhere. The closest thing to a medical facility was a witch doctor. So, basically, we brought him in and they were doing some things – they had some rocks and some other stuff and it was pretty crazy.  I was really worried at that part.  I was actually pretty scared for our guy there it was a pretty serious situation and then we’re looking at each other, going “What is going on?”’ So, that was pretty scary, actually.

Did things turn out alright in the end if he had a witchdoctor for a doctor?

KC: No, he’s still there. We left him there.

Troy: Yeah.

KC: Yeah, he moved in.


Haha okay, all right, that’s a relief to hear. So, is there any closing thoughts or anything you’d like to say before we close up the interview?

KC: I just hope everybody enjoys the show and has a good time because it is a different type of travel show and you can see how much fun you can have if you travel with someone that you like and that not all bad situations end up bad.  You can turn them around and have a good time.  And you can also see like some camaraderie between me and my brother. Well, we do a lot of things where we mess with each other like, you know, he has to do something that he doesn’t like and I love watching him, you know, cringe and have a difficult time doing whatever he’s doing.  But overall, we just want to have a really action-packed fun show where people can see, well, I guess, the lesser-seen aspects of travel.

Troy: Yeah, yeah, I think, you know, we really want to bring something different and, you know, show that, you know, even sometimes when you are the worst vacation ever, you know, that hopefully, you can turn it into a positive thing or maybe it’s not so bad after all.

Another thing too is when air, we’re going to be online so it’s going to be great. Hopefully, everyone can tune in to our social medias at @troymontero and @kcmontero.  We’re going to be like following along, answering people on our Instagram accounts and probably even going live.  So, hopefully, you can tune in to watch and we’ll be there to joke around and answer your questions and things like that.


WORST VACATION EVER premieres on Discovery Channel on the 29th of January, 2018 at 9:00pm.

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