Who can forget when Malaysia’s censorship board changed Hellboy’s movie title to Super Sapiens, since ‘Hell’ is categorized as a vulgar word and can offend Malaysian viewers in general. Nevertheless, most of us still enjoyed the stellar action and adventure Del Toro and Ron Perlman had to offer in all its blasphemous glory.

News that the Hellboy franchise will be getting a reboot isn’t new, with Stranger Things’ Sheriff Hopper, David Harbour, taking the helm from Ron Perlman and Hawaii Five O’s Daniel Dae Kim’s surprise casting a few weeks ago to replace Deadpool’s Ed Skrein. Neil Marshall is slated to be the director of this new phase in the franchise, even when many fans aren’t happy that Del Toro didn’t get to wrap up the third movie.

But here’s a good way to turn the frown outside down – the first look at David Harbour as the big red guy. As badass as Ron Perlman was, it’s difficult to see him going beyond the second movie due to his physique and old age. Could this reboot be the perfect shift in all aspects, especially considering the fact that the franchise was stuck in the 2000s? We’ll have to wait and see.

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