by Maruxa Lynd

Make way for the hip – hop royalty cause they’re destined to conquer the chart with their collaborative album  ‘Everything Is Love” . The unstoppable power couple Beyoncé and Jay – Z a.k.a The Carters have recently released their new album and boy do these two really know how to take their relationship on a level ! The hip – hop album debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200 on the day of its release last June 16th and currently ,it is sitting comfortably at number one .  How many of us in this world wouldn’t want to be in their shoes?  Beyonce and Jay-Z’s relationship have not been doing well in the recent years and that’s all traced to Jay-Z’s infidelity but Queen Bey ingeniously used this to her advantage with the release of ‘Lemonade ‘ in 2016.  The rawness of emotion and frustration in ‘Lemonade’ was followed up by Jay- Z’s release of ‘444’ in 2017 that served as a public apology to Beyoncé (we can all agree to this ) , having constant mentions of Blue ,his family  and his marriage through his point of view .



Dubbed as the chronological installment of their separate album releases ,  ‘Everything is Love’ , reminds us that even Queen Bey herself believes that second chances are  possible . The 9 – track album represents the reconciliation phase of their relationship with songs like ‘Summer’ , ‘Boss’ and ‘LoveHappy’  . It almost felt like the three albums have been chronologically planned for years , we kid you not ! Their relationship might be as flawed as ours but how they made millions in showing us their public renewal of vows in the form of an album is not something everyone can pull – off (also cause we’re not as rich as them combined ) .


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Apes**t  is the first single released by The Carters off their ‘Everything Is Love” album . Written together with The Migos’ Quavo and Offset and Pharrell Williams, the couple flexes about their lifestyle and emphasizes on the fact that they are currently in the prime of their game. The track contains references of Kanye and Jay-Z’s  ‘Watch The Throne ‘ (2011) and it also dons a synonymous theme to it as Queen Bey explicitly flows with the beat . While Bey compares the speed of her money – making abilities to a Lamborghini and possibly shades to Kim Kardashian , Jay – Z’ s bars threw shades to the NFL , the Grammy’s and Kanye West . Listen to ‘Everything Is Love ‘ on digital music platforms and watch Apes**t ‘s music video here :


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