100 of the most daring people were BlackListed for the most popular night out around the local area, associating with friends and enjoying Johnnie Walker Black Label! Here is a rundown of what went down that night:-

  1.      Johnnie Walker Black Label, World’s Leading Scotch Whisky

Made with 29 of the boldest single malts chosen by our expert blenders, Johnnie Walker Black Label is united from the four corners of Scotland to make a whisky that is mind boggling, profound and fulfilling. Johnnie Walker Black Label contains a mix of the boldest flavors with components of sweet, rich vanilla that offers a path to an orange flavor that gives you the get-up-and-go feel, highlighted with the smells of zest and raisins. With its unique flavors and solidity of character, Johnnie Walker Black Label takes the spot of being the world’s top Scotch whisky. Furthermore, this scotch whisky also offers the ideal first experience of a top notch scotch for the youthful and old alike.

An exclusive holographic coaching session where they could comprehend the smoky and extraordinary notes of the honor winning Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky is something unique that really brings a touch of class to the BlackList.


  1.      Bold Concoctions for All

On the rocks or neat – guests can choose how they want their treats, which are Johnnie Walker Black Label in many variations including the usual serve. Beside that, there were also other bold mixture made with Johnnie Walker Black Label on the black (list), such as Johnnie Ginger – a cooling mixture of ginger ale and Johnnie Walker Black Label, with orange zest on top. Black Bull, a tangy tasting cocktail made with Red Bull and Johnnie Walker Black Label and an aptly named cocktail named BlackList –concocted using Johnnie Walker Black Label and Guinness are other serves that were enjoyed by guests.

Lazada Malaysia


  1.      Boldly-Inspired Creations

Outstanding personalities including celebrity chef, Sherson Lian, local streetwear designer from Nerdunit and Paulius Staniunas, were having a

Lazada Indonesia

exclusive collaborations for The Blacklist. These personalities were taking inspiration from the bold elements of Johnnie Walker Black Label to curate their very own works exclusively to earn their ranks on the BlackList.

Ronald Chew has bravely taken the step to bring his streetwear designs and styles all the way from San Francisco to Malaysian soil back in 2011 and now, his significant designs are well known by the people around the world.

Bold tastes and flavour are brought together by Chef Sherson, thanks to his skills, his incredible creations are mixtures of unique twist of Western and Asian flavours. Chef Sherson, who was inspired by the bold flavours of Johnnie Walker Black Label gave the opportunity for the bravest crowd to experience the intense flavours on the curated menu for a night. Keluak rice, Bombay burger, Johnnie Walker Black Label infused pate and a black sesame cheese tartlet were the dishes  served during the night.

Paulius Staniunas who is an art director by profession, has always been passionate about photography, particularly nightlife photography. This time, he was there to capture the memorable moments of friendships with Johnnie Walker Black Label.

  1. Getting to know: The boldest award winning whisky

Guests also enjoyed the holographic mentoring session with Brand Ambassador of Diageo Malaysia, Jeremy Lee who expanded his expertise in whiskies to the guests. Guests had the chance to explore further into the intense and strong flavours of the whisky during the session.


  1.   For BlackListers only, limited edition Johnnie Walker Black Label bottles were awarded to the boldest few.

Those who were BlackListed stood a chance to bring home a limited edition Johnnie Walker Black Label designed personally by Ronald from Nerdunit on the night of BlackList! The top 5 boldest looking individuals were given awards in the shape of these limited edition bottles during the BlackList.


  1.   BlackList is the new A-List with the best company.

Move away A-Listers, BlackList is the new thing.

What’s a night out with your best friends, with the good music and appetizing food held at one of the hottest venues in town, filling the night? On the off chance that you missed this debut version of the BlackList which was held on the 24 March 2018, stay tuned to Johnnie Walker’s Facebook page and Instagram page to keep a post for the following BlackList: Edition II.

We won’t say much more but what we can tell you is that it will be bolder with a unique twist!


Remember to always drink responsibly!

Official hashtags: #JWBlackList #JohnnieWalkerMY

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