By Salihin Rizal

Hari Kebangsaan is just around the corner and I’m sure Patriotic Malaysians are feeling the ‘merdeka’ vibes already- I know I am! It is a new Malaysia, reform is in the process and back in May, Malaysians has experienced the power of democracy for the first time, and this patriotic period is the best time to celebrate how far we Malaysians have come! Keep reading because you are in for a treat.

In conjunction to Hari Kebangsaan, the Sunway Group is in preparation to deliver an all-immersive Malaysia experience through it’s specially curated #JomMalaysia Carnival which will be open to public for FREE! Happening on the 31st of August and the 1st of September from 10am-10pm, the carnival will take place at in front of Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa in Sunway City Kuala Lumpur.

Visitors attending the #JomMalaysia Carnival can experience the Malaysian journey through five experiential spaces – Flavours of Malaysia (food), Voices of Malaysia (music), Cultures of Malaysia (dance), Arts of Malaysia (arts & crafts) and Games of Malaysia. Let me take you in a little deeper on what exactly is going to happen at #JomMalaysia.

The excitement starts at the entrance of the Carnival where the unique “Evolution Tunnel” will transport visitors through a historical timeline showcasing Malaysia’s rich historical heritage. How cool is that? Food enthusiasts will be able to sample an array of mouth-watering Malaysian favourites including nasi kerabu, laksa, rojak and cedol at the Flavours of Malaysia space.

Lazada Malaysia

Relive the good old days, or teach your children or younger siblings traditional Malaysian games, such as congkak, batu seremban, teng teng, lompat getah, sepak bulu ayam and even eraser battle at the Traditional Malaysian Games space. Oh I’d definitely bring my children to this space if I had one.

Lazada Indonesia

At the Voices of Malaysia space, a sonic extravaganza awaits, where vocalists and musicians from the Malaysian Buskers Club shall entertain the audience with their lively renditions of original and or cover songs.

Some of the above that I mentioned is only a PEAK of all the fun nostalgic things that you can do at #JomMalaysia Carnival. What better way to celebrate Hari Kebangsaan than reminiscing and learning about our cultures and its origins right? For more information on the carnival, do visit