By Salihin Rizal

Boys and girls gather round! An Honest Mistake has JUST RELEASED a brand new music video bringing their very own rendition of Whitney Houston’s famous “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. Not only that, it gets better- the song ALSO features Haziq, the frontman of I Lost The Plot, and I have to say I love the combination!

The MV shows the AHM band members including Haziq as various 80s versions of themselves. We can see them go about from being Guns N’ Roses  wannabes to a singlet-wearing with high knee socks group of aerobic dancers, which I found quite humorous and a great take on remembering the 80s.

How the song was transformed into modern pop-punk makes you wanna jump about and dance! There are even parts where you can headbang which I think would be quite fun to enjoy during a live set.

Check it out for yourselves! The music video can be viewed here:


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