by Aida Rashid

Khizanat Hall is a small indie community hall located in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. The owners have been providing a platform for indie artists, locally and internationally, to showcase their talents. Aside from that, they have also organised forums, workshops and classes for the local community. Currently, they are running this place using their own funds which will deplete soon. So, they would be needing help in maintaining the place (stage, lights, equipments, backline, ventilation, bills, rent, etc).

The industry needs to sustain platforms like this in order to allow bands and artists from all backgrounds to have access to a platform to showcase their talents, affordably. It is a shame if we talk about pushing for success in the art industry but neglect the places that put a start to it in the first place.

They are hoping to have Khizanat Hall open for as long as possible to help the local indie artists and organisers to have access to such platform. Come and help them in monetary form by donating here!