Last week, Japanese premium beer Kirin Ichiban partnered with The Table, Isetan Lot 10 to curate a special pairing menu that delighted guests, bringing them an exquisite taste of Japan. The Table offers washoku – that is, Japanese food – spread out over six restaurants, that being Toriden, Touan, Yakiniku Toraji, Tonkatsu Anzu, Sushi Azabu and The Tokyo Restaurant.

Guests were separated into groups and taken through a gastronomic journey, each restaurant creating a dish designed to be perfectly paired with the smooth, rich taste of Kirin Ichiban. Each dish featured seasonal delights – bringing a winter-esque experience to us, here in tropical Malaysia.

Kirin Ichiban x The Table’s specially crafted menu consisted of Japanese specialities, such as Wagyu Beef Ribs Marbled A5, Snow Crab Tamagoyaki and Scallop Katsu. Japanese cuisine focuses on extracting exquisite flavors from fresh, high quality ingredients while maintaining one of the tenets of Japanese hospitality – offering guests the finest. In this respect, Kirin Ichiban shares the same philosophy where only the best and freshest ingredients are savored and enjoyed.

A picture says 1000 words, so enjoy pictures of the event below. Take a journey of your own at The Table, Isetan Lot 10.