By A.Akbar

If you’re an active gig-goer around Kuala Lumpur, you’d probably recognize Jumero by their surfy-laidback outfits, their cover of Bee Gees’ classic “How Deep Is Your Love” and their powerful original composition – “Free”.


From gigging in small dives to getting Amplified by Guinness at Laundry Bar, the trio have decided to broaden their scope by heading to Korea and Japan, as they announced on their Facebook page recently.

In Korea, the tour will start at the famous Nami Island for the Nami Island Concert as the band will blaze through the country to end their tour at Seoul’s World Music Festival. Japan, on the other hand, will welcome the band at Osaka before saying goodbye at Nara.

We wish you good luck on your adventures,  boys!

Check out this song by Jumero called “Dancing With The Stars”