Over the weekend, KL Movement presented their all women dance production titled ‘She Moves Me’. With 9 women presenting 9 stories, the one-day only performance showed what it was like to be a woman in South East Asia.

9 women 9 stories.-credits to KelvinChan

9 women 9 stories.-credits to KelvinChan

From a woman that demands respect and not to be treated as a mere physical sexual object to undying love and loyalty to a promiscuous man, and for women who struggle and succeed in the corporate world to the ancient Javanese tale of married men betrothed to the Goddess of the Sea, these stories were presented by director Michelle Jueney with Mrs. Lee Lee Lan in attendance as the guest of honour, as a performance was being held in tribute to the Malaccan-born senior dancer.

The KuAsh Theatre in Kuala Lumpur played host to this production alongside a mini dance photography exhibition by Michelle Jueney. The exhibition, titled Interconnected Practice And Documentation, Extension Of Visual Artistry Through The Lens featuring veteran photographers Chen Kim Mun, Edzwan Hafidz and Kelvin Chan, exhibited pieces for sale in order raise funds for charity.


between ears not legs performed by maria devonne and syafid yussof

Several workshops were also held during this presentation, the series titled ‘The Malaysian Heritage Dance Workshops for The Community Experience, Engagement, Excitement And Artists Pro-Involvement’. The workshops were Silat Martial Arts by Rabiatul Wahid (Gold Medalist 2016 in Kejuaraan Silat Seni Kebangsaan dan Jemputan Competition), Odissi Indian Classical Dance by Michelle Jueney (Member of International Dance Council UNESCO), Javanese Contemporary by Tunku Atiah (From the Mangkunegaran Palace, Solo, Indonesia) and Contemporary Dance & Pilates by Joanna Faith Tan (From Malaysia/NewYork/Germany).

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