By Jeremy Say


Have a kid you need to dump somewhere for a few hours a week? Maybe you have a little cousin who could become the next Leonardo da Vinci? Well look no further than Kalvintaka Art Studio.

They offer to take those young impressionable minds off your back for 2 hours a week and don’t you worry about them being bored. They will be busy having fun and learning valuable skills at the educational centre. Be it sketching, painting, prop making or Adobe, these are skills that offer more than what can be seen at first glance. Learning to think outside the box, creative problem solving and even just learning how to learn tools effectively is really the true prize.

If you’re at all interested, why not talk to them in person at Publika. They will be there during KotakCon on the 26 and 27 December, 2016. You can also check out the awesome work they have done.

Lazada Malaysia

Just as a little preview, here are just some of the examples of talent that Kalvintaka has brought out in their students.

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