By Norain F.

If you’re a fan of electronic pop, R&B or soul, you need to get Leaism on your radar ASAP. She recently debuted with a fresh new single, titled ‘LOVE’ that was released on Spotify. Based in Damansara, Leaism, or also known as Lea, is still a relatively new name to the scene but she’s slowly gaining more and more traction on social media, with over 1000 listens on Spotify.

According to Leaism, ‘LOVE’ is written as a love letter to Lea’s younger self. The song celebrates the importance of self-love and and understanding that although you will go through moments where you feel like it’s the end, things will eventually fall into place. This song is meant to be a bridge of emotion for lonely souls.

If you’re anticipating for more new materials from Leaism, you don’t have to worry because she is currently working on an album. It will hopefully be launched by the end of 2018 or early 2019. She’ll be releasing a few more tracks along the way before releasing the album. Each song in the album is a celebration of emotions, anger, love, longing and sensuality.

Check out her single, Love:

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