By Yue Lynn

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment recently dropped a teaser trailer involving a mysterious new title called #PROJEKT1514. The teaser, which lasted less than 30 seconds, shows a desolate city and a bullet-riddled wall that looks like something right out of a zombie flick.

Is #PROJEKT1514 the next big AAA game? What genre does this game falls into? Will it be a hit or would it be a miss? Only time can tell.

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Mobile Legends Professional League in Malaysia and Singapore

eGG Network has buddy up with Moonton, developer of the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, to ambitiously and smugly present the first ever Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) for Malaysian and Singaporean...
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Hiromi Tsuru, Voice Actor of Bulma From Dragon Ball Z Has Passed Away

On the 16th of November, Hiromi Tsuru was found unconscious at the side of the Shuto Expressway, with the hazard lights still on and seat belt still attached. She was rushed to the hospital, but was pronounced dead. The 57 year old actress had a belt of...
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REVIEW: Justice League

By Matt Liew   DC’s Justice League had us waiting with bated breath. Yes, we haven’t exactly had the greatest opinion of recent DC movies (see: BvS Review & Suicide Squad Review), but we were hoping that Justice League would do better. Our spoiler-free...
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The Level’s Artist Spotlight #4: Rociel

By Yue Lynn  Photo Credit: Rociel Hey there folks! Welcome back to The Level’s Artist Spotlight and our fourth interviewee is none other than Rociel! Photo Caption: Rociel with some of her artworks. The artworks featured in the photo are sold at GoJyu5....
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ECOVACS ROBOTICS’ New Cleaning Robots – A Time Saver

Asia Pacific’s leading and largest vacuum cleaning robotics brand, ECOVACS ROBOTICS, has recently introduce three new models to the Malaysian Market. These little automated cleaners are sure to help free up some time, in our very much busy lives. While for...
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Overwatch World Cup 2017’s Top 5 Plays

By Yue Lynn Photo Credit: Blizzard Press Center First things first, I love Overwatch so much that I don’t mind ruining my biological clock being a night owl, like many others, just to virtually watch the Overwatch World Cup 2017 on Twitch (the finals were...
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Our Comic Book Announcement Picks From NYCC 2017

By Yue Lynn Once upon a time, New York Comic Con may be done and dusted but comic book fans would still feel slightly giddy from the avalanche of comic book announcements made during the event. Ranging from the Big Two to independent publishers, the...
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Upcoming Geekfest: Publika Comic Play 2017

By Yue Lynn   Photo Credit: Publika Comic Play 2017’s event page Hold onto your seats, millennials, as Publika Shopping Gallery (Publika) has announced the return of Publika Comic Play event, which involves the collaboration between a few esteemed anime,...
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