By Yasmin Newman and Jasmine Lim

Sheeran is known for being an award-winning and accomplished singer-songwriter. Now on his Divide tour, on the 14th of November, he makes his destination: KL!

The incredibly successful British musician has always known his way around a song, and into our hearts. As his career evolved, he has written so many top notch songs EVERYBODY knows how to sing to.


Yasmin, 18, Intern.

As this was my first time interviewing such an international musician, I was actually really nervous to interview him and I have my colleagues to thank for teasing me before the interview started!

But overall, I just put my head up and remembered what my English teacher used to say to me “Be bold Yasmin, BE BOLD!”

Lazada Malaysia

I mean, LOOK at this super stardom singer!

Okay, putting my fangirl aspects aside, the interview was a real eye opener into a little bit of Sheeran’s personality!

Lazada Indonesia

Interviewing Ed Sheeran was so surreal, and he’s such a sport!

I even got a double selfie of him giving me the “thumbs up” by chance!

The room was filled with a few other press, whom including myself, got to ask him some very personalised questions! As it was a roundtable interview, we each got our individual turns and my heart was beating a fast until it was my turn!

I’d like to thank Warner Music Malaysia for arranging the interview – this wouldn’t have happened without you guys!

If you've always wondered what Ed Sheeran's craziest fan gift is, and if he’s got a skincare routine(?!) to keep that boyish glow, tap on this video to find out more! Thanks Warner Music Malaysia (Int'l) for giving us this opportunity to get personal with the Perfect singer, we couldn't be Happier.

Posted by The Level MY on 20hb November 2017

Concert Review

Yasmin, 18, Intern.

UMobile gave us tickets to the amazing Ed Sheeran concert and here’s my main takeaway on it –

Ed Sheeran is so down to earth! He has a really sweet personality and a great sense of humour!

Sheeran has inspired so many people out there that he is recognised as a person who started a new wave of singers and songwriters who based their music off a guitar!

Its unfortunate that Sheeran had that unfortunate mishap with his wrist, but he’s back on his feet and delivered a breathtaking concert that gave us all goosebumps!

Moving on to the concert literally MOMENTS after!

The concert straight up left me with no voice the next day from trying to sing the loudest in the whole arena!


One word to describe the concert? PHENOMENAL.

If you were there on the 14th, then you’re a lucky lot. Like a REALLY lucky lot. For all those who are not as crazy as me about Ed Sheeran, I hope you managed to go and see it because it would have converted you into a Sheerio anyways! (Scroll down to see Jas’ journey to becoming a Sheerio!)

He performed classics, and the song EVERYBODY knows: A-Team. Jas and I were so lucky we bought those glow sticks! Not to mention how BEAUTIFUL the concert stage and visuals were! (Read on further and you’ll see!)

I mean like, even though I had already seen him in the interview up close and personal, his stage persona felt the SAME. I felt like I was a friend in the audience, rather than watching a larger-than-life idol.

And let me just say this…..Ed Sheeran can really RAP!!!!

And I HAVE to mention the encore that Jasmine started. After seeing her do it, I followed along chanting “WE WANT MORE!!” and eventually everybody started doing it.

Thats right. It was we who started the encore everybody…you’re welcome.

But enough about the fangirl’s perspective.

Jasmine, 21, Social Media Executive

As a neutral listener of Ed Sheeran – I really wasn’t expecting much. So when UMobile offered us tickets, I wasn’t sure what to expect… and I totally got converted into a fan. Here’s a (past) non-fan’s experience of his concert:

I pulled up to Axiata Arena’s parking, feeling a little hesitant. I mean – a mob of screaming fans are enough to put anyone at unease. I waited for Yasmin to finish her interview (and selfie!) with Sheeran. As she ran out jumping in excitement, I couldn’t help but feel just a tad excited myself.

Time practically flew by as we lined up to enter the stadium. Groups of fans were everywhere – dressed in blue Divide merchandise. We managed to cop a few t-shirts and glow sticks before we finally got inside.

As we ran down the steps to the UMobile zone, we could hear screams echoing down the hallway. Not gonna lie but my heart was racing. I may not have been a fan, but the excitement was contagious! Entering the stadium was an experience – the sheer number of people in the seats above us and in the standing zone with us was amazing. Yasmin cheered and sang along to Galway Girl as I awkwardly stood by the side, not really knowing what to do.

Then Sheeran started the first few notes of ‘The A Team’. That’s when everything changed.

Glow sticks and mobile phone flashlights were held up (mine, too!) and the whole arena was lit with swaying lights. The crowd sang along so loudly, even Sheeran stopped to admire it. I had goosebumps from the experience – it was surreal to watch everyone sing every single lyric in perfect unison.

The graphics on the screen leaped and shimmered to reveal beautifully curated visuals to each song, leaving the crowd in awe.

I’m not gonna lie – I felt like bawling in the middle of Photograph and Perfect.

A few couples proposed during the concert – one of which proposed during Thinking Out Loud right in front of us!

It was utterly romantic and perfect, with the romantic, starry visuals behind Sheeran. He managed to capture the emotion in the song so perfectly, and entranced the entire crowd.

I enjoyed how minimalist his performance was – a loop pedal and a guitar. His stage presence was not entirely massive, but it suited the feel of the concert.

There was a sense of nostalgia in his performance, in celebrating the old days yet welcoming the new. Maybe I got sentimental watching him, but I certainly felt intense emotions throughout the concert.

I guess you could say I’ve been converted – I’m such a fan. Sheerios, is it too late to join you? (And yes I shamelessly screamed for an encore… so much for “not being a fan”, huh?) 

Again, I’d like to thank Warner Music for giving us the chance to interview Ed Sheeran, and UMobile for the tickets to the concert.