Are you joining the Boat Noodle Challenge? Is your stomach up for 40 minutes of noodle-slurping fashion? Well, with the challenge starting this weekend there’s not much time to prepare, but we’ve got you up to speed with two exclusive playlists on Spotify to get you fired up before and during the challenge!

First, check out ‘WARMING UP’ – a 5-song playlist bound to get you in the mood to do something intense, featuring classic rock hits to wake the system up!

Once you’re ready to sit down for your meal, cue up INTENSITY – 10-song playlist designed to ramp your appetite up and carry you past the finish line. Featuring some of the best of Malaysia’s rap and rock tracks, yell ‘Kitalah Juara’ as you gulp down the last bowl, and beware the Mara Bahaya as you rush to the toilet once it all digests!

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Scarlet Heroes’ ‘Somewhere Under The Atmosphere’ finally out!

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What We Learned From Rock The World 2017

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alextbh listed to perform at Laneway Festival Singapore

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‘Now You’re Gone’ is Kyoto Protocol’s Most Emotional Song Yet

Taken from Catch These Men.

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DUA JIWA: Kolaborasi Malaysia-Indonesia Yang Mantap

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There’s Something Special About RIUH Events

By Shazwan Zulkiffli Klang Valley has been blessed with art events from different collectives over the years. Rantai Art, Frinjan and Boco had conquered the late ‘00s and early ‘10s, preparing platforms with then-upcoming artists such as Grey Sky Morning,...
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The Only Good Thing About Justice League Was The Soundtrack

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Patriots Cuba Rap Metal Dalam Bahasa Malaysia

by A.Akbar Kugiran metalcore Patriots sentiasa mahu mencuba benda yang baru, seperti lagu hit mereka ‘Seindah Kata’ yang juga merupakan sebuah kolaborasi bersama penyanyi dari Maddthelin, Kareema Ramli. Selepas menukar nama dari Heart-A-Tack ke Patriots...
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