911/ Mr Lonely by Tyler, The Creator


The song comes in two parts, with a seamless transition from the first to the next — and is probably one of Tyler The Creator’s best ones from ‘Flower Boy’. ‘911’ definitely has a smoother catch to it, having it featured by Steve Lacy, Frank Ocean, Anna of The North and Syd, but ‘Mr Lonely’ is more gallantly outrageous about being lonely and filling the void with creature comforts. Tyler also had A$AP Rocky and Schoolboy Q to assist him with ‘Mr Lonely’. This 4-minute track has a lot going on, from it’s lyrics to it’s fantastic collaboration — it’s a track you wouldn’t wanna miss.


Motion Sickness by Neck Deep


Pop-punk isn’t dead, and Neck Deep has proven so this time around. Motion Sickness holds up an element of duality in terms of the writing — merging confusion and determination in one breath. It is a fair representation of teen angst, with its dominating guitar riffs and thunderous drums.


Perfect Places by Lorde


While coated with a party-sounding icing, Perfect Places is darker than you thought. Being reckless and carefree with all the drinking and partying, the song also talks about the non-existence of an ideal world. The verses are all about the facade that the nightlife brings, making us think that everything is alright even for awhile — only to be slapped with a sudden realisation that there are no such thing as Perfect Places.

Boys by Charli XCX


Boys hit social media like wildfire with it’s catchy tune and an exceptionally attractive music video, it’s probably one of Charli XCX’s best work in a long time. The electro-pop anthem panders on the recklessness and the countless infatuation faced by a party girl. It’s suitability is wide, as people can either dance like nobody’s around in their bedroom or having DJs play it at every club there is.


Tunjuk Belang by monoloQue x Lan x maliQue


As the Kuala Lumpur SEA Games commences, the Ministry of Youth and Sports spiced things up with an official SEA Games anthem for the athletes, fans, and all Malaysians. The song isn’t an ordinary anthem – because the Ministry went the extra mile to bring back the undisputed hip hop king himself, maliQue. Tunjuk Belang brought together former Too Phat member maliQue, Lan from Lan & The Typewriter and the whole of monoloQue to produce a powerful chorale of punchy beats, kata kata pepatah, and nusantara-rock infused composition.


Bagel by Airliftz


Airliftz, 19-year-old homegrown rapper came out with an EP called ‘Bagel’ featuring the leading track Bagel. The sample is able to make you feel like you’re daydreaming about the love you never had, with it’s cheeky lyrics “I love my bagel like I love my woman/I love my lady she be riding with me”. A romantically confessional track, it will be stuck in your head upon first listen.


Terbanglah by SOG


Sekumpulan Orang Gila’s 1-month old track has got to be one of the most unique songs Malaysia has ever seen, having incorporated contrasting elements into a 5-minute work of art. The lyrics are as captivating, as it talks about freedom in the eyes of a bird. “Hadiahkanku sepasang kaki burung/ yang bawa aku terbang/ bebas melayang”.


Unworthy by Against Infinity


The former band members of Incarnation can look over their shoulders with no worries as Against Infinity has lived up to the expectations of metal fans across the country. Unworthy’s vicious vocals and gritty guitar licks steals the show and frankly, the haunting intro by Santosh Logandran makes the track one of the most memorable ones off late.



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