By Jeremy Say


The Red Bull Coliseum Dota 2 main event just wrapped up at INC Cyber Cafe on the 8-9 October, 2016. It was a grueling but fun battle between 128 teams as they duke it out for supremacy, bragging rights, and of course, part of the RM 30,000 prize pool.

Red Bull Malaysia, Fallout Gaming, and INC Cyber Cafe ran a great, orderly tournament with some extra fun events open to all to win some awesome Arcana sets as the prizes. There was never really any downtime as there was always something to keep you occupied.

The two challenges they ran alongside the tournament were a ‘A Minute to Win It’ and a ‘1v1 against Xiao Ting ‘MiaoMiao’. 4 skilled and perhaps lucky participants walked away with an Arcana set each from both challenges.

1v1 Solo Mid

Toh Yong Chye – 5m 38s

Lew Jet How – 5m 40s

Gan Teik Wern – 5m 50s

Minute to Win It

Low Jing Xin – 35.95s

Going back to the games. The crowd was cheering and the support for the different teams was amazing. At times there was barely any room to move around the cyber cafe as people packed in like sardines to see the live casted game by talents Muhammad ‘Flava’ Farouq and Lyralei Lucille.

The Grand Finals were amazing to watch as LMFAO Team dismantled Tick Tock not once, not twice, but three times. They not only dropped crowd favorite Tick Tock into the Lower Brackets at the Winner Bracket Finals, but swept the series 2-0 at the Grand Finals. These weren’t even close matches, it was a massacre as they were outdrafted and outplayed in all three games. Tick Tock could never catch a break as team rotations, counter initiations and a good solid early game cemented LMFAO’s lead. Tick Tock could just never regain control the map and slowly lost out on the much needed farm to mount a comeback.

Congratulations to your Champions of Red Bull Coliseum Dota 2 Tournament, LMFAO Team. LMFAO Team is made up of these five talented young players: Kim Jit Pin, Soo Zhang Wei, Lew Jet How, Wang Kok Guan, and Toh Yong Chye. They bring home RM 12,000 and two of the players also won Arcana sets by ‘bullying’ 2k MMR Xiao Ting.



Congratulations to runner-up Tick Tock, they did an amazing job at the tournament. Chan Ming Yu, Felix Chew Wee Shen, Vincent Wong Wei Jung, Siew Jia Earn, Kelwen Chong earned themselves RM 8,000 – a nice sizeable chunk of money for their heroic efforts.



Good Game, Well Played Everyone!