By Muhammad Nabil

The year is 2017, and the last time I had any significant contact with my ex-girlfriend was three years ago. Sensing the dryness in this arid husk of a body, the office sent me to scout out Lunch Actually and maybe potentially learn a thing or two about how to get back in the game. Alas, I thought wrong. It was a matchmaking class, and I was destined to be the middleman.

The CEO, Violet Lim, took a long and meandering road getting to where she is now as a certified matchmaker. Growing up, she was taught to be the typical product of the Asian generation: groomed to demolish the education system with a crush of As, enter a good university and finally secure a good job, which turned out to be as a Management Associate with Citigroup in Singapore.

At the time, Violet saw that many of her colleagues were still single and not really into the dating scene, which struck her as odd as her peers were attractive. The she found out: they were practically married to the bank because they put in long hours day after day.

Seeing this situation, as well as being the go to for relationship problems of all sorts, spurred her to quit her job and become a matchmaker with her then fiance, Jamie Lee. Together, they started Lunch Actually, with the aim to make a change in people’s lives by helping them find their significant other.

Why Lunch? According to Ms. Violet, she noticed that her colleagues did not have the time to go out on dates as they practically spend all day at their jobs, thus not having enough time to indulge in such activities. Lunch was the only time that her colleagues actually got some time off, so it struck her, combining online dating with lunch together might solve their dating problems!

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Over time, Lunch Actually has grown to be the premium lunch dating service, entering markets around the SouthEast Asian region including Hong Kong and Thailand to name a few.

Hosting the masterclass at Talent Lounge, the CEO then detailed of her experiences from getting the stare down from her parents to dealing with clients from both sides of the spectrum. I was piqued by her enthusiasm discussing issues relating to dating and the myths associated with it; which to my dismay, were all busted with a swish of perfectly styled hair. The class taught me to look from different perspectives, what I wanted and what I needed, and it really changed my perspective when it comes to looking for a relationship.

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Well, if you’re too busy working and feeling lonely, why not hit up Lunch Actually? Who knows, maybe you would find who you’re looking for!