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Good news for clumsy humans and people living with toddlers, as Machines Sdn. Bhd. (Machines) has launched a device protection plan for Malaysian customers. Known as the Machines Protection Plan (MPP), this plan offers “protection from accidental damage such as cracked screens and water damage for as low as 42 sen per day”.

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Besides that, Machines “are also working on extending the MPP to include new devices purchased from third-party sources such as telcos,” according to Andrew Cheng, Director of Machines.

Speaking of telcos and ultra-costly ownership of Apple products, Malaysian telcos are serving up the iPhone X with a 24-month contract on a plate for y’all. Knowing typical Malaysians’ ‘patterns’, confirmed we’ll be very picky and stingy on which plan from which telco to choose from.  The ‘Famous Four’ aka Digi, Maxis , U Mobile and Celcom has a range of plans for y’all. Cheapest plan would be the Digi Postpaid 78 (RM78 per month) while the pricey ones would be like the MaxisONE Plan 188 (RM188 per month). If you’re the type of favours quota over moolah, Celcom would be your best friend with their FIRST Platinum plus plan (RM188/100GB).

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