By Matt Liew

Laugh Factory, one of the top comedy clubs in the world, is hosting a US$ 100,000 competition to discover “The Funniest Person in the World”. Featuring 89 participants from 56 countries, the competition culminates in a Grand Finale in Helsinki, Finland, from December 4-10.

It should come as little surprise that both of Malaysia’s representatives in the competition are performing well, given our nation’s tremendous ability to find humor in even the darkest of times. I mean, seriously, trust us Malaysians to find the humor in really messed up situations and laugh about it.

Leading the competition with 1.9 million points is none other than the Godfather of Malaysian stand-up comedy, Harith Iskander, who seamlessly weaves biting social commentary into his stand-up routines.

Not too far behind Harith is household-name-in-the-making Jason Leong – sorry, DOCTOR Jason Leong – who is a little shy with an impressive 1.6 million points, off the back of a strong social media campaign and even a website to make it easier to vote for him.

Laughter is a universal language that brings people closer together, succeeding where both diplomacy and democracy fail.

Lazada Malaysia

Malaysians, – keyboard warriors or not, – let’s put aside our differences for a while and help our fellow countrymen win this.

Head on over to to give both Harith Iskander and Dr Jason Leong a hand!

Lazada Indonesia