Terrible dates: we’ve all had them, right? Dating in the time of Tinder has gotten seriously strange. I’ve got some horror stories from millennials that might send shivers down your spine, but hopefully – you survive the process by learning from them.

*People are kept anonymous because Malaysians have a tendency to shame people online, and I’d like to protect the people sharing their stories.


From a local Redditor, who shared this gem of a story with me:

“I met a girl off of OKCupid. Her profile picture was a MySpace angle, so she looked nothing like her profile picture in real life. She had zero personality. She tried to kiss me and I said it wasn’t going to work, she ended up ripping my jacket. It was longest 30 minute walk to the train in -15 weather. She offered to buy me a new jacket on our next ‘date’”

Yikes. So, lesson to be learned: don’t rip your date’s jacket.

This one’s from a close friend, she had quite the story:

“On my third date with this guy, he surprised me by taking me to a fine dining restaurant. I’m holding my backpack, embarrassed because I’m not dressed for the occasion while holding hands with this Prince Charming. As he leans in for a kiss after the steak and wine, he tells me that he hasn’t been honest with me. This puzzles me since we’re both young and come from similar backgrounds. He tells me that he’s not single, and the first thought that comes to my mind is that he has a girlfriend and I’m the next one. I figure that I can forgive him if he’s a genuine guy. He repeats it and I say “Yeah, I get it. You have a girlfriend.” He looks me in the eye and places more emphasis on NOT. The pieces finally click and I recoil in horror as I wonder how many kids does he have,”

I don’t even have anything to say to that, really.


Here’s one from an ex-boyfriend, who showed me that there’s more than one way to jump the gun:

“On my first date with this girl I met on Tinder, she was really loud and obnoxious. I figured it wasn’t too bad, but we went for banana leaf after drinks. She started eating food off my plate,”

Which wouldn’t be too bad- if we were actually dating already and I offered or you asked. Or else, hands off the food!

This one comes from one of the Level’s staff members, and it’s quite a tale:

“I figured it’d be okay because she was a kind of acquaintance. She chose the restaurant because she had a Groupon coupon. She only gave me an hour’s notice, and when I went to pick her up – she made me wait in front of her house for fifteen minutes because she wasn’t ready. She couldn’t figure out how to get in and out of my car, so she got me to double park in order to help her out of the car before I could park. She also wouldn’t let me order and ate most of the food. She still made me split the bill,”

Wait, was that a date?

So, what do you think? Hit me up in the comments with your worst dates or your ideal date! If all else fails, you can keep swiping until you find your Tinderella.