by A.Akbar

Marvel has always been criticised for being so light and corny in comparison to their rivals DC, despite conquering box offices with their worldwide success.

That will soon change because based on Black Panther’s trailer, it will most likely be Marvel’s darkest movie yet. Set in the secret city of Wakanda, famed for its rare vibranium, Chadwick Boseman is back as the new king of his country after the death of his father in Captain America: Civil War. Even from his first appearance, Boseman’s looks are bad*** enough for T’Challa, thus giving the studio more confidence to give him his own standalone.

To compare with other MCU trailers, the latest Black Panther trailer had the spice of Blade Runner 2049’s visuals and colour schemes mixed with John Carter’s eye-popping CGI. What’s interesting is that, Black Panther is the first Marvel film to be as dark as DC or their Netflix series following the story of dirty politics and power struggle.

Watch the trailer for yourself here:

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