She Attacks, She Protects, But Most Importantly, She Resurrects!

By Yue Lynn

Recently, one of the biggest news and hype surrounding Overwatch is the massive reworking of one of players’ most hated/loved heroes: Mercy. While new additions such as the Junkertown map and D.Va’s patches are equally significant, those can’t be compared to the updated version of Mercy.

When her Resurrect (rez) ability is ‘demoted’ to an ability mode with 30 seconds of cooldown period, Mercy’s new ultimate ability (ult) is the Valkyrie. When her ult is activated, it unleashes the full potential of her Valkyrie suit in terms of healing, boosting and resurrecting, making her an extremely powerful goddess for 20 seconds. Her ult allows her to fly freely, heal or boost multiple allies (chaining effect) at close and long range, possess infinite ammos with a faster projectile rate for her Caduceus Blaster and most importantly, her Resurrect ability cooldown period has been reduced to 10 seconds.

Instead of hiding and waiting for an opportunistic five-men rez, the new Mercy gameplay would clearly make her more involved in fights. Fortunately, Mercy is clearly cut out for some brutal fights regardless of what players think or have to say about her. Before the reworking, some players would whine about her Resurrect ult cancelling their kills and dramatically changing the tide of the match. And after the reworking, thanks to some clever and masterful gameplays from smart alecks and Mercy mains, some players would still whine about her Valkyrie ult being too OP. When you’re good, people will hate you, period. How barbaric, indeed.


Saltiness aside, Mercy is a potent healer and an important Support hero. It’s not rocket science as to why Mercy’s pick rate are almost 100% after her reworking as lot of players are excited about the changes in her abilities and gameplay. Whether it’s to save, stall, stagger or support, Mercy is the best buddy you could have on your team aside from other Support heroes (much love to Symmetra, Ana, Lucio and Zenyatta too).Therefore, we will definitely be seeing a lot of rising Mercy gameplay trends from now on:

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Temporary (Tempo) Rez 2.0

Tempo rez is nothing new. This gameplay method was a common thing since the golden days of Mercy 1.0; it’s used to resurrect one or two heroes for mostly stalling purposes. But with Mercy 2.0’s rez ability, the number of resurrections (despite Mercy can only rez a single hero) per matches increased dramatically, bringing more salt and heartaches to enemy players. A good Mercy player who is well-aware of their surroundings will know who, when and where to rez strategically, potentially tipping the scale in favour of their side and keeping a fight ongoing.

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DPS/Battle Mercy

When a Mercy unlocks her Valkyrie ult, it’s highly advised to maximise her abilities’ full potential. Besides boosting/healing and resurrecting, a Mercy player can replace her Caduceus Staff with the Caduceus Blaster and use it to full effect: racking up multiple kills on panicky and disorientated ‘squishies’. No longer an easy target, a ‘Battle Mercy’ is mercyless with her infinite ammos wherein the damage and saltiness she unleashes are devastating. “You’re welcome”, says your Mercy teammate as she rains her own brand of justice over the enemy lines while you blankly looked at her in awe.

Chain Rez

While it’s true that Mercy can only rez a single player each time, she’s still capable of rezzing up to three allies consecutively. In terms of sneaky plays (as seen in the above video), a Mercy who’s near her side’s spawn room can rez an ally, switches to another hero and then instantly switches back to Mercy to rez another ally as her cooldown period after spawn is back to zero. On the other hand, in terms of strategic and advanced gameplays, a Mercy who already has her ult can rez an ally and then activates her Valkyrie mode whereby the Resurrect ability is reset to zero, thus earning her the second rez. As her ult’s duration is 20 seconds long and her Resurrect ability cooldown period has been reduced to 10 seconds, this means she can resurrect a third ally who have just died. This sequence of rezzing is what we called a chain rez.

Safe to say, any Tom, Dick and Harry can be a Mercy player, but it takes time, practice and countless healing packs of patience to be a genuinely good (and most likely hated) Mercy player so to all Mercy mains out there, stay cool and carry on healing!

Though one can come up with various tricks and strategies to play or counter specific heroes/maps, do remember that at the end of the day, Overwatch is simply a fun video game and while SR points do matter, stressing too much on it won’t do anyone good! You should stress less and enjoy more because to quote a certain speedy Brit, “the world could always use more heroes.”

Here’s a pretty handy guide if you’re interested to learn more about Mercy 2.0.