By Jeremy Say

U Mobile and Minseki Events Team almost gave me a heart attack with their recent announcement at Pavilion KL’s GSC on the 17th August. RM 500,000 + 50,000 is apparently up for grabs in their new Dota 2 Malaysia Esports League (MESL), currently the largest local prize pool in Malaysia for a single game. ESL One Genting’s USD 250,000 doesn’t count as local and AGES 2016 was only RM 410,000 for Dota 2.

Now the reason for the “+ 50,000” is that if your team become the champions and everyone is an active U Mobile customer, the extra money is yours. Which by itself is a sizeable chunk of change, especially when compared to the previous esports local scene prizes.

Toted as a stable platform for local esports athletes to showcase their talent, perhaps we might see the rise of another MidOne or ah fu. A much welcome endeavor, this new league hopes to grow our local scene and is of course supported by U Mobile, Mineski Events Team, Logitech, eGG Network and Twitch.


MESL is suppose to start on 2nd September with qualifiers covering Peninsular & East Malaysia. The top 16 teams will then compete in league-like group stages which is expected to last 3 months. Talk about a proper commitment for all esports players and wannabes. Anyone can join, there is supposedly no ban and the only stipulation is that there have to be three Malaysians on the team.

“We have been seeing phenomenal growth in esports not just globally but also in Malaysia
during the recent years, and the launch of MESL is naturally the next step in our continued
commitment towards the Malaysian esports community. Through our efforts with MESL, we
hope to develop more young talents and icons like Mushi, Ohaiyo and Midone, who will be
eager to grow their gaming careers professionally. This is a huge stepping stone for players to
penetrate the highest level of DotA 2, such as ‘The International’, where every player dreams to
be at someday,” said Kenchi Yap, Managing Director of Mineski Events Team.

For more information or to register check out

You could also check out The Major League which has a prize pool of RM 300,000 if this one doesn’t interest you.

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