By A.Akbar

We’ve heard post rock band Skits’ cover of “Vio Pipe” that pretty much left a mark in our little fanboy hearts and now, a new band called “Against Infinity” has emerged with a heavy cover of crowd-favorite Butterfingers’ song, “The Chemistry”.

Against Infinity, a new band comprised of members from Dick Tracy, Symbiotic In Theory, and former members of Incarnation, is a brand new metal band that is already working on original material with vocalist Anep’s powerful vocals and crazy guitar arrangements, and this cover of ‘The Chemistry’ is an excellent little showcase of what the band can do..

If you’re still enraged and not over the fact that Butterfingers’ did not play “The Chemistry” during their last night out at Rockaway, then this one is for you.

Check out a much brutal version of the song right here:


Original Track;