By A.Akbar

If there’s a current hit song that deserves its own music video, it’s definitely Midnight Fusic’s second single ‘Lovesick’.

Midnight Fusic became the talk of the scene when they unleashed ‘Lovesick’, as the track didn’t have to wait 30 days to get more than 30,000 plays on Spotify. Malaysian music lovers were thrilled to experience another version of indie with ‘Heart of May’, outside of the regular brand of Indie renaissance, but ‘Lovesick’ displayed Midnight Fusic forte in full force.

The music video features gorgeous 2018 neon-colors and trippy Earth, Wind & Fire effects that remedies well with the song’s fuzzy feels and melancholic vibes. The story follows a couple’s relationship that was slowly falling apart, before the protagonist realises that he’s better off without her.

Lazada Malaysia

Vocalist Raja Arif’s acting skills were put to the test but frankly, he looks quite natural in it, maybe because the song was written about a toxic relationship that he was once trapped in?

Lazada Indonesia

Nevertheless, 2018 is now blessed with beautifully shot music videos. First Ramayan’s Sepintas Sastera Hati and now – Midnight Fusic continues the tradition of a long line of impactful music videos for Malaysian audiences to be proud of.