Muhd. Yusry Haziq bin Idris, 14 and Adam Roshan Kris Azman, 13 had an unforgettable day when they were pronounced the winners of the Million Dollar Feet™ search. The two footballers have become overnight sensations by winning Million Dollar Feet™, the contest to unearth the best talents in the country aged 11 to 14. As their reward, the two boys will be sent on an all-expense-paid trip to the UK where they will have the opportunity to showcase their prowess to scouts from top European clubs, with the possibility of signing a deal.

Muhd. Yusry and Adam Roshan emerged top in the contest when they outshone 14 other finalists at the Million Dollar Feet™ Grand Finals which was held at the Royal Selangor Club in Bukit Kiara. Each of the finalists were shortlisted in drills and tryouts held over four weeks in five states nationwide – Penang, Pahang, Sarawak, Johor and Kuala Lumpur. Of the two, Muhd. Yusry was shortlisted in Sarawak, Adam Roshan was shortlisted in Kuala Lumpur.

The finalists shortlisted in each of the five states are as follows:

PenangMuhammad Mukmin bin Muhammad Zamri12
Nurhadfina binti Mohd Firdaus12
Muhammad Syahmi Haziq bin Mohd Fahmi14
PahangAzwar Naufal13
Abdul Muizz Abdul Manaf14
Iqbar Firdaus14
SarawakAhmadul Baduwi bin Hussain14
Muhd. Yusry Haziq bin Idris14
JohorYethraj Subramaniam13
Zafran Hakimi Azman14
Kuala LumpurMuhammad Ezzwan Danish bin Rosli12
Nur Imanina Aqilah binti Abdul Apit12
Adam Roshan Kris Azman13
Jonathan James Hay13
Ali Masoudi Rahim14
Danial Anaqi bin Mohd Nasir14

Now in its first season, Million Dollar Feet is the brainchild of former Singapore League player turned PR pro Peter de Kretser and former Liverpool Midfielder, Steve McMahon, who was also Head Coach at the drills and tryouts in the five states.

Following the success of this inaugural season of the programme, plans are already underway to make the programme an annual affair, in order to raise the bar in Malaysian football.

“We’ve had quite a good run and the response has been very encouraging,” said Peter de Kretser, Founder and Director of Football of Million Dollar Feet™.

“This is certainly a wonderful opportunity for aspiring footballers and this is proven by the positive feedback we’ve received from participants, their parents, as well as our supporters such as the Penang State Government, the Education Ministry and Sarawak FA. Million Dollar Feet™ isn’t just about making dreams come true, but literally providing a potential opportunity that could be worth millions of dollars to Malaysia’s young footballers who could very well be the next Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo,” he added.

Meanwhile, Steve McMahon added that Malaysia certainly has the potential to shine in the international football arena.

“From what I’ve seen in Million Dollar Feet™, Malaysia could have a bright future in football. What is required though is the right platform to encourage and nurture future players right from an early age. This is what Million Dollar Feet™ tries to encourage. Hopefully, we’ll see South East Asia’s first representation in the international premier leagues, and I’d love that person to be from Malaysia,” McMahon said.

At the Grand Finals, a celebrity football match was also held, featuring players who included past football stars including Paul Parker, Gary Stevens, Stanley Bernard and Abbas Saad.

Muhd Yusry and Adam Roshan will be accompanied by a guardian each, McMahon and de Kretser to the UK. Besides scheduled tryouts with scouts from European clubs, they will also visit the Liverpool vs. Sunderland EPL match at Anfield on 26 November as well as go on tours to various places of interest around London.