Via Paramore on Facebook

Via Paramore on Facebook

Remember how it was revealed a few years back that only Hayley Williams of Paramore was signed to Atlantic Records and not the whole band?

The arrangement was one of the reasons behind the departure of the Farro brothers from Paramore, as Josh ranted in an open letter. Now, former bassist Jeremy Davis is taking the band to court on whether he was just an ’employee’ of Paramore or a partner with all the benefits and royalties due from the business that runs the business of Paramore, Varoom Whoa.

Varoom Whoa is owned solely by Hayley, and preemptively sued Jeremy in the Nashville Chancery Court. In the lawsuit, Varoom Whoa claims that Jeremy was a paid employee of Paramore, and not a partner in the venture- and that to foster harmony, Hayley chose to give the band a portion of her earnings.

Of course, Jeremy disputes this, and says he founded Varoom Whoa along with Hayley. According to him, he was in charge of decision making, hiring stage crew and managers, managing and creating lighting, as well as a host of other duties.

Jeremy is seeking to be recognized by Varoom Whoa as a partner entitled to unspecified damages.

Varoom Whoa (and thus Hayley) wants a judge to decide that Davis an employee, and thus does not hold the benefits of being a business partner.

All we know is falling.