Malaysia’s first Linkin Park tribute hosted by the guys at REVOFEV went well – or maybe went a bit too well as the sold out show left hundreds of Linkin Park fans outside The Bee Publika fuming, disgruntled, and some even to the extent of finding creative ways to let themselves in.

Fear not Linkin Park fans, because another tribute will take place in Uptown Kinrara, Puchong as the organisers of the successful #DeathReturns will throw in another round of Numb, Papercut, and Somewhere I Belong. This time around, the showcase will feature 12 bands including Patriots, who played at the first tribute show at The Bee.

Here’s the full list of bands and the LP songs they’ll perform:

ArC – Points of Authority

Patriots – Heavy

Des Panik Band – What i’ve Done & Burn it down

Kolbenfaust – In The End

The Kailan – New Divide & One Step Closer

Deadlocked kids – Numb & QWERTY

Influx – Papercut

Lakes And Snadders – Crawling

ReXXaR – From the inside

Sunburn – Somewhere I Belong

Fearophobia – Shadow of the day & Breaking the Habit

6th terminal – Given Up & A Place For My Head


Date: September 10th, 2017

Time: 3pm

Venue: Ultimate Blast Studio, Uptown Kinrara Puchong

Admission: Free

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