By Shazwan Zulkiffli

A self-proclaimed MMA fighter was caught arguing with a security guard at a condominium building in Subang Jaya, escalating into an expected brawl that was witnessed by many residents and pedestrians around the area.

According to sources, the fighter was declined entry to the property and the issue led to a heated debate with the security guard on duty. The two exchanged vulgar words before the fighter gave him a nasty kick to the thigh. Luckily, other guards came to aid their mate with batons that ended up with the fighter’s surrender.

Unlike the fighter, the guards settled the commotion by calling the police to extinguish the heat.


However, the fighter exposed himself in the comment section and claimed that he didn’t ‘fight back’ because he didn’t want to get into trouble with the police. (Sure, dude)

Check out the video above and tell us what you think.