As a millennial, I grew up with the Internet. Admittedly, I started way back when it was Jaring dial-up and Windows 95 – but you get my drift. Rule 34 dictates that if it exists, there’s porn of it and wow, things are looking freaky these days. Thank you, Scott and Jeremy for getting me to write this listicle.

Between crowdsourcing this s–t on Facebook, scouring Reddit and other online sources – I am officially traumatised. I can’t even. My head can’t wrap around half of this stuff and I’ve learnt these two things for sure: a) I’m pretty boring and b) I don’t need to know what my Facebook friends are into. Nope.


Looning. Where do I start? It’s a fetish where one gets sexually aroused by the inflation and bursting of balloons. There’s a site for people who are into this – it’s German-based, but also comes in an easy to read English version.  This fetish seems to intersect with many other fetishes, such as inflation (arousal from being inflated with air via different methods) or being a furry (arousal from anthropomorphic animals). Sometimes, it’s both.


Lazada Malaysia

Bimbofication isn’t all that new. It’s the process of transforming an ordinary girl into ‘an airheaded sl-t’, happy to be ‘used and degraded’. Don’t believe me? It’s here, on Urban Dictionary. Whether through makeup or more extreme measures like plastic surgery, the act of bimbofication is also one of forced submission. Fun times, eh?

Image credit: DeviantArt

Lazada Indonesia


According to What Is A Brony, a brony is a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic that lies outside the show’s target demographic of little girls. Appreciating the colorful world, innocence and humor of the show is one thing – fetishizing it is a completely different thing. Since Rule 34 exists, there’s a disturbing amount of porn both written and drawn about the characters in the show – anthropomorphic or not. Warning: DO NOT GOOGLE.

Image credit: Epic Fail

Caregiver/little Relationships

I completely forgot that this kink existed, so thank you Facebook friends for reminding me that this was an actual thing. The FAQ section of the dedicated subreddit shows that this particular fetish related to the D/s (dominant/submissive) dynamic of BDSM. The basic concept is that a Caregiver is someone who seeks to look after someone else and help them grow, succeed and be happy. A little is the personification of innocence who enjoys childlike things, and often identifies as a younger age (anywhere from the ages of 1-8). This may be a millennial fetish, as this forum topic would indicate.

Image credit: Twitter / @mermaidlittle4


Food has been an integral part of fetishes for the longest time. Whether it’s eating sushi off a naked woman, making food part of the sexual experience or straight up vore – the process of eating and what we eat has been sexualized since time immemorial. I bet there are caveman paintings. I did have a particularly traumatising conversation with someone about the sexual desirability of certain foods, such as donuts (and how the size of the donut hole would be counterproductive to sex). Malaysia even has one of our national fruits as a condom flavor, so anything’s possible – right?  

Image credit: The Gloss