By Jeremy Say

David “MoonMeander” Tan is the Digital Chaos’s offlaner, and rose to fame as a consistent Heroes of Newerth streamer with affiliations with the Dotallyrad organization. Generally noted for being an aggressive player with a flashy do or die playstyle, this a player who has played for the likes of compLexity Gaming and team (monkey) Business, which later became OG.

A truly Malaysian Canadian – or is it Canadian Malaysian – Dota 2 player, who has many achievements under his belt. Which also happens to include winning first place at ESL One Genting with his teammates on Digital Chaos.

I was able to catch up with the former Johorian on Day 3, and ask him a few random questions.

Jeremy: So about your day 2 match against Wings. We want to ask you about your come back in the 2nd game. You managed to catch all these minor mistakes from Wings and capitalized on them in spectacular action. How did this compare to the game 1 disaster?

MoonMeander: Well, game one was quite a mistake on our part. We got overly enthusiastic with the Meepo, haha. So we decided to move away from that and play a completely different game. It’s hard to compare you know? You put Meepo in the game and it gets really weird.

Jeremy: A lot of players say they really don’t like playing against Meepo. Do you have the same opinion on that hero?

MoonMeander: I’m okay with it really, because I understand the hero a lot. Having a highly-skilled Meepo player in your team is great because he can also tell you how to counter the hero as well.

Jeremy: So moving on to the third game. With all the non-standard picks we’ve been seeing, like the Lone Druid and Ember Spirit, could you tell us why you guys pick Ember?

MoonMeander: Well IceFrog rebalanced the game and that changed a lot of things, especially the talents. Like, at Level 10, Ember Spirit gets a 15% spell amp, which compared to Death Prophet is more than three times the amplification. There is a lot to abuse in the new meta, like Lone Druid’s talents – it’s absurd! So I guess it really was an abuse of the game to how it balances.

Jeremy: On that note, regarding the latest patch – any thoughts to share?

MoonMeander: I like that it’s catered towards supports. You get more levels and gold, and it’s better. I suppose you get a more enjoyable game as a support and it should be that way. Now people are more encouraged to play supports. The only thing I dislike is the positioning of the Roshan pit, seems imbalanced for the Radiant.

Jeremy: There’s probably an obvious answer to this, but what do you think about Monkey King?

MoonMeander: He feels a little overrated, but not overpowered. He can easily be counter-picked by ranged heroes. I prefer to counter him with Sniper, Tinker, Obsidian Destroyer and Clockwerk.

Jeremy: Talking about Dota a little more, what would be your favourite hero?

MoonMeander: Ahhh, I’m afraid it’d probably be Legion Commander hahahahahahaha (Aghanim’s Legion Commander Day 2 Game 2 series against Wings).

Jeremy: So, how do you feel now working with Saksa, W33haa, Misery and Revolution?

MoonMeander: It’s good. They’re nice guys, chill and relaxed. Their hunger and ability to learn fast are really the most important things. So ya, it has been great.

Jeremy: Sounds like you like working with them. Well, any comment on your previous team?

MoonMeander: Everyone’s nice as well. Just as nice, really. Unfortunately things didn’t work out, N0tail kinda does the same thing as me and has known Fly longer than me. We don’t need two of the same person so I got the axe. It’s just business, it happens.

Jeremy: Is there any play-style this patch is more suited to?

MoonMeander: There’s no definite answer to that right now. It’s our first tournament with the new patch. It’s just after New Years and we haven’t had as much time to practice, so we’re still figuring things out. Right now though, the playstyle seems to be revolving around Rubick and Omniknight.

Jeremy: But is there anything in particular that you’re eyeballing or wanna try?

MoonMeander: Well yeah, we were trying stuff like Lone Druid and Ember. Trying, but one step a time.

Jeremy: So what do you think of the ESL One Genting event so far?

MoonMeander: It’s pretty good. The event’s been pretty smooth so far, other than a couple of sound hiccups here and there. Only thing I don’t like is that they made us use noise-cancelling headphones on top of earphones instead of soundproof booths. That can give give some of us players headaches sometimes.

Credits to ESL Gaming

Jeremy: Thank you so much!

MoonMeander: No problem!