Author, motivational speaker, and paralympic ski-racer Josh Sunquist was in town to give a speech at a iM4U youth conference called Reach Out, which was promoting volunteerism and activism among youth in Malaysia.

In a YouTube video uploaded 12th April 2016, he claimed that he and some other speakers from that conference had gone out clubbing at Zouk KL. As the video shows, Josh and the other speakers were having a blast- until Josh decided to get up on one of the platforms in the club with his partner.



Visibly choked up with emotion, he describes how the security proceeded to rip out his crutches from under him. For a man with one leg, this means he cannot stand up or walk around, and there is nothing quite as subhuman as a person who is willing to humiliate a disabled person enjoying themselves in the club.

Now, obviously only Josh has made these allegations and Zouk has yet to respond. But if indeed his claims are true, then Zouk KL has a lot to answer for. These actions were not those of decent human beings, and these security guards must be made to answer the allegations and face the consequences if they indeed literally ripped the crutches out from under Mr. Sundquist.


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