By Jeremy Say

I just finished watching Kubo and the Two Strings and I can’t help but wonder why I’m in a cinema surrounded by kids. ‘Cause oh boy, am I starting to feel my age. Well at least I can say I greatly enjoyed arguably one of the best, if not the best stop-motion animation film I have watched so far – which, of course, you can check out the full review on our site here:

So back to the matter at hand, why do I or shall I say ‘we’ go and watch animated movies? Are we truly ever too old to go watch a Pixar or Disney movie? Must I be forced to watch soap opera style dramas, controversial topical movies or some adult ridden overtly philosophical artsy movie? Well if it fits your cup of tea go ahead, but I will be in the corner sipping my orange juice box with the kids.


I believe we truly never get to old for 90% of the the animated movies out there and if anything, some of those films are worth watching again. With a good studio and director behind a cartoon, I’m sure we missed some hidden message or joke that just flew over our heads when we were kids.

The famous barbie doll legs with a hook crane attachment from Toy Story is a great example of a visual joke that most kids wouldn’t get when they first saw it. Perhaps, you remember the opening song “Arabian Nights” from Aladdin? Do you happen to remember this part of the song:


Arabian Nights like Arabian days
More often than not
Are hotter than hot
In a lot of good ways



So ya, as adults we start to pick up these nuances and look at movies differently. Not everything is just adult jokes because sometimes we can take greater meanings from beautiful scenes like the one in Pixar’s Up. The depiction of the romantic relationship of Carl/Ellie and the heartfelt loss that follows is something that was done beautifully in a montage that resonates deeply with adults.

Not only do we finally appreciate all the jokes but also the story, artistry and visual meaning of different scenes. It also helps that we have more money to go watch these movies instead of bugging our parents. Not to mention the ability to surround ourselves in loveable memorabilia, because who doesn’t want to be surrounded by Toothless and the gang from How to Train Your Dragon or have your own Minions.

So the take away message is that I believe there is a kid in everyone, if you liked animations when you were younger, you should still like them now and not be ashamed for not being “adult” enough. In the end animation is just a medium of film like anything else and can be just as impactful as the so called mature live-action films. We go to the movies to be entertained and to escape into another world briefly to get away from the tedium and stresses of our lives. Don’t you ever let anyone tell you are to old to enjoy the things you do. Stay young at heart, peace.