By Jeremy Say


Spock: Fear of death is illogical

Bones: Fear of death is what keeps us alive


Deadpool: It’s me, Deadpool, and I got an offer that you can’t refuse. I’m gonna wait out here, okay? It’s a big house. It’s funny that I only ever see two of you. It’s almost like the studio couldn’t afford another X-Man.

These are just some of the more memorable quotes from this year’s movies so far. It’s memorable lines like this from movies become ingrained in our cultural hivemind and are soon very much a part of our daily life/pop culture. Such as John McClane, “Yippee-ki-yay, motherf***er” – a quote, that for all its crudeness has become such a cultural trademark that fans complained about the profanity’s removal in the new PG-13 sequels to the original Die Hard trilogy.

Everyone enjoys a good movie and watching them at the cinema on a large screen becomes an adventure in and of itself. Everyone brings back memorable moments from any adventure they take, movies being no different can cause memorable/spine tingling/insightful moments to be burned into our memories as movie quotes. Some become so much more powerful than the movie as a whole that they take a life of their own. Some such famous quotes would be:


  1. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. – Gone with the Wind (1939)
  2. I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse – The Godfather (1972)
  3. I love the smell of napalm in the morning – Apocalypse Now (1979)
  4. Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore – The Wizard of Oz (1939)
  5. May the Force be with you – Star Wars (1977)


Oddly enough, there also some famous misquotations of lines that people would say are a viral phenomena, The Mandela Effect. It is a collective misremembering of information that is deemed to be true by most of society, with many theories on why it happens. Even in an age where finding out whether you got the quote right is just a Google search away, we all tend to misremember things – especially today with all kinds of creative remixes. The 2004 historical war film Downfall is more famous in our hive mind for the parody videos set to the infamous sequence of Hitler finding out his plans are crumbling around him and losing it, for example.

All I know is that I’m sure we all have misquoted these famous lines from movies and they deserve our attention.


  1. Dirty Harry
    1. What most remember: Do you feel lucky, punk?
    2. Real one: You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya punk?
  2. Empire Strikes Back
    1. What most remember: Luke, I am your father.
    2. Real one: No. I am your father.
  3. Field of Dreams
    1. What most remember: If you build it, they will come.
    2. Real one: If you build it, he will come.
  4. Silence of the Lambs
    1. What most remember: Hello, Clarice.
    2. Real one: Good evening, Clarice.
  5. And Justice For All
    1. What most remember: I’m out of order? You’re out of order! This whole courtroom’s out of order!
    2. Real one: You’re out of order! You’re out of order! The whole trial is out of order! They’re out of order!

While some of these quotes don’t roll off the tongue quite as well the misquoted ones, have fun being the know-it-all friend that said, “You know…. I think the quote was actually…” much to their chagrin. HASTA LA VISTA, BABY!