By Jeremy Say

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, once a YA novel by Ransom Riggs, is now a YA movie directed by Tim Burton. This movie looked to be the perfect pairing considering that Burton revels in depicting peculiarities and oddities in his gothic style. Yet it still lacks that extra pizazz with it’s somewhat dullish script, awkward humor, and arguably bad overused ending.

So if I had to describe the movie – imagine the X-Men mashed up with Harry Potter. A young boy finds out he is a wiz…a mut… a ’peculiar’ and discovers a hidden world full of people with unique powers and peculiarities hidden from the world. Also, he is also supposed to save this new world from a monster – just for your information. So full of YA cliches, check.

Novel comparison

While I can safely say that the movie did not follow the novel exactly, it was still faithful to the core concepts and themes of the book. It’s a good example of what a movie adaptation should be even with massive amounts of liberties taken. For those wondering the first half of the movie is faithful to the novel till it takes a very different path altogether from the three novels in the latter half.



The characters are quirky, awkward, and downright memorable – except of course, what’s his name the protagonist. Miss Peregrine’s easily the best character whose very appearance even before she speaks is what saves the movie from it’s otherwise dull moments. Eva Green’s performance was stellar and the rest of the cast can clearly shine with her on set.

Visuals and Audio


The CGI was visually stunning as seen in the trailers which served to wow the audience with the peculiar powers. In true Tim Burton fashion, he brought out the gruesome and darker humour of the story with the lighter romantic tones and silly jokes as if it has a split personality wonderfully.


Costumes are wonderfully designed as expected and the story is a visual treat to all ages with the set pieces.

Music was fitting and not to corny while the sparse actions scenes were good. Sadly, the tension was never truly there as the 2 hour movie meanders through plot devices at times.


Arguably I enjoyed about 3/4ths of the movie. The ending was not part of those enjoyed parts sadly. Not to spoil anything, but the movie should have ended two minutes earlier. The ending would have been so much better even if the movie doesn’t get a sequel. They literally have a blatant boring YA ending that was rushed.

The movie which is super filled with YA cliches, but is entertaining for those who want to delve into a Tim Burton movie. Else, I’m unsure if it will appeal to many of those who are not into this genre of fantasy or a slower paced movie. The entertainment is definitely more in the visuals and characters than the plot for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.