By A.Akbar

After missing out on Rock The World, fans of Kuala Lumpur hardcore outfit Naratu can now take a huge breather because Naratu had something better baking in the oven, and it’s something fans have been waiting for.

Naratu announces “Bersama Selamanya”, a brand new album under the vocalist’s very own label, Persistence Records. The band, who’s been shouting out for Keramat Durjana, made a proper tribute to the collective by putting their name on the cover album.

Famous for songs like “P*kimak”, “Maki Hamun”, “Pergi Mampus” and the recent one “Kasi Pecah”, you’d expect the band to run riot with their latest album once it’s out and playing at shows and festivals.

In the meantime, enjoy “Kasi Pecah” until something new drops and “Maki Hamun” you to the next underground gig.

Lazada Malaysia