Jeremy Lin of the Charlotte Hornets burst into international stardom a few years ago with his electric ability to change the flow of the match with lightning quick plays. Gaining the name ‘Linsanity’, the Taiwanese-American basketball player was a hit here in Asia as well, as Asians excelling on the NBA stage is a fairly rare occurence.

Though his star has faded somewhat from the heady days of Linsanity, Lin has gained a reputation as a solid player with the ability to once in a while completely take over the flow and direction of a game.

Now, a viral video uploaded by YouTuber JAD 7534 seems to suggest some severe racial bias in the calling of games by referees. As seen in the video, Lin is flagrantly fouled multiple times with aggression, and yet the referees appear to be extremely lenient, calling common fouls or none at all.

One particularly damning incident occurs when Lin is almost purposefully slapped in the face during a jump, giving him a bloodied nose. No foul was called, while in another game, Lin barely brushes by another player but is given a foul anyway by the referees.

Claims of unequal and unfair treatment towards Asians have been slow in gaining traction, but as equal rights movements pick up steam, incidents of bias against Asians in Hollywood and now in the NBA are picking a lot more steam. However, the seeming obsession of America with emasculating Asians is still strong- one only needs to see Chris Rock’s awful Oscar routine with an Asian child to see that the only fair game in America these days is an Asian.

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