By Marissa Dinar

Remember how frat guys used to be cool, and then went out of style? Well this frat never did. Alt-J (∆), which is code for Delta – have come back with a single titled “Adeline”, in anticipation of their new album RELAXER is slated for release on the 2nd of June 2017.

A stream of acoustic guitar plucking makes up the core of this mystical ballad that tells a story of “A Tasmanian Devil falling in love with a woman as he watches her swim”. Complemented by Gus Unger Hamilton’s playing skills on keyboards and synth, as well as drummer Thom Green’s use of his own unique drum set – the music adds an ethereal feel to frontrunner Joe Newman’s luscious croons.

If you’re in the mood to feel like you’re a part of epic love story – give it a listen here, my sweet Adeline.