By Aida Rashid

If you haven’t watched Charli XCX’s music video for her new single ‘Boys’, you’re missing out on life. The 3-minute video features a long list of famous frontmen branching across acts from K-pop, hip hop, alt-indie and more –  the inclusivity portrayed is quite impressive, I have to say.

The electro-pop anthem panders on the recklessness and the countless infatuation faced by a party girl. However, the music video highlights quite the opposite. It feels refreshing and new, to have perspectives flipped as we typically have music videos portraying women in dresses dancing in a club when it comes party-centric songs like this. Though I must say it does live up to its name, as the video is literally packed with ‘Boys’. It features men in bright colours doing mundane things like reading a book, washing dishes, playing around with puppies, coupled with both innocent and sensual undertones. You can spot Ezra Koenig brushing his teeth with Mark Ronson combing his hair into quiff while staring into the camera (warning: might kill you inside). How can that be so innocent yet so sexy at the same time?

The video kicks off with Joe Jonas being surrounded with pancakes just him waiting to eat them – I’m starting to think that could be sort of a metaphor for his fans. Then you have Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes just lying on an all-pink set of pillows, The Libertines’ co-frontman Carl Barat (who’s probably no longer a ‘boy’) just staring into your soul as if he’s trying to assure you that he fits in, Mac DeMarco casually licking his guitar and Riz Ahmed adorably carrying a bear on his back. The video also features the likes of Amine, G-Eazy, Brendon Urie, Jay Park, Flume, Stormzy, and many more on the list.

It’s simply heartwarming how Charli XCX was able to gather a diverse pool of men and lump them together in a rather meme-able self-directed artwork. You don’t only have the whites and the African-Americans, the video also celebrates Asian men which explains why it attracts different branches of fandoms that exist in pop culture. I feel like this video is going to stay around for quite some time. 4 million views in 2 days, and plenty more to go!

Watch it here: