By A.Akbar

It feels like just yesterday when the Mati Hidup Kembali video came to life and Butterfingers pulled off their last show at Istana Budaya in style with the thousands who came to celebrate their craft for one final night of flashing lights and Butterfingers as only they can be.

Ever since the band parted ways, Emmet flew back to Canada and Loque formed Monoloque, championing nusantara music. Fans have been begging for a Butter reunion but there are no signs of Butterfingers reuniting anytime soon, even if just for a show.


However, fans have seen Emmet appear at a couple of shows and a lot of questions were raised on whether he’s finally going solo. Those questions were answered when Emmet released a surprise music video for his new song Effervescent Eyes, marking his return to the Malaysian music arena.

Heads were turned and hearts were satisfied when Effervescent Eyes was released along with the news that Emmet has gathered his own ensemble of musicians to form Emmet & The Gang.

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Look through with Effervescent Eyes with Emmet & The Gang down below:

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