By A.Akbar

The Crunk Crew is back to making noise in the Royal City of Kajang with a brand new track called “Local Legends”.


The music video starts with a touching tribute for the Paralympic Gold Medalist Ridzuan Puzi and his contributions alongside his coach before starting the track with a heart-thumping intro to set up the mood for a punchy yet inspirational tune you’ll be struggling to get out of your head.

Popular for songs like “Give Em The Ugh” and “Party Animal” that have received 579,354 and 195,130 views on YouTube respectively, Roshan Jamrock, Bo and co. have been quiet for the past few years but with the emergence of this track, K Town Klan will be ready to give them back the “ugh” and do it all over again.

Come check out our very own local legends here:

Lazada Malaysia


Lazada Indonesia