I don’t know about you, but beauty is such an intimate thing. It’s self-care, it’s war paint, it’s your armour against the world and a wind-down process all in one. Who else to share it with than your best friend? If not, your beauty friend? Below, I’ve got five buys for your five types of beauty friends.


The Girl Boss
Ain’t nobody got time for brushes. When you’re in a rush, you want to be able to swipe everything on in the back of a cab and look flawless. Pick up the NUDESTIX #BABEBOSS Faves Box for a curated collection of six lip + cheek crayons for your favourite girl on the go.


The Sweetheart
Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, and you know it. Pair your sweetest friend with Too Faced’s Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Collection palette – besides smelling like freshly picked peaches, she’ll be left feeling peachy keen with the coral shades in this box.


Lazada Malaysia

The Fashionista
Always up to date with the latest trends, this friend always seems to be on the cutting edge of fashion. Give her this mini work of art with the Urban Decay Nagel Vice Lipstick Palette. Featuring five shades in multiple finishes, the bold to neutral shades can amplify any ensemble.


Lazada Indonesia

The Dreamer
Unicorns, glitter, sparkle – she’s into it. Whether she’s reading tea leaves or putting up quotes in pretty calligraphy, let her achieve her dreams with these golden brushes. Inspiration not included, but she’s got a lot of that on her own.


The Eco Warrior
Whether it’s going green or supporting local brands, this girl is on it. From Riuh to Wondermilk, she’ll be there browsing through the wares. Help her stay true to her values and grab Velvet Vanity’s Teenage Fever Bundle – all their liquid lipsticks are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and certified by the Ministry of Health.