by Maruxa Lynd


Petaling Jaya , 3 July 2018 –  NIVEA breaks the silence on personal hygiene with the ‘Penjagaan Diri Terbaek’ campaign that kicked off today in SMK (P) Sri Aman . Nivea launched the campaign as part of their nationwide school programme to educate teens about proper personal hygiene .  The long – term initiative is supported by a massive school roving team that will be visiting secondary schools in major cities throughout Malaysia . The team will also be sharing a 45- minutes programme that talks about the important aspects of keeping the best personal hygiene and personal grooming .

Targeted to engage the teens , Nivea also released a catchy theme song to accompany the campaign called ‘Langkah Berkeyakinan’ performed by Nabila Razali and Khai Bahar to convey the importance of keeping a good personal hygiene in a fun and interactive way.  As children eventually transform into teens , there is no way of escaping the signs of puberty especially when perspiration becomes an issue that leads to body odor problems. Let’s face it, we all had a few friends back in school that were completely oblivious of their own B.O so it is very important that we create awareness and avoid them from going through socially awkward situations . Students can participate in the Nivea ‘Penjagaan Diri Terbaek’ music video contest and share it in social media platforms to be in the running to win attractive prizes from Nivea .

For more information on the campaign and the video contest , follow Nivea’s Facebook page  !


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