By Matt Liew and Scott Ng

The Level Malaysia

Hey everyone!

As Christmas music (or CNY music, depending on where you live) begins to violate the airwaves and our eardrums, it was only natural to take a look back on 2016…and think about how it 2016’d us.

Our year wasn’t without operational nightmares. We were founded as a brand under FMT before being acquired by our current owners, 1821 Media Sdn Bhd, a few months later. This roller coaster ride has been one of the most challenging experiences for the whole team, and one that cemented the idea that nothing was ever going to come easy, but we were going to push as hard as we could as long as we could to keep this alive.

It had to be worth it to give Gen Y a platform to call our own.

Lazada Malaysia

The site went down for almost a week due to technical difficulties (sorry y’all, we’re working on not letting it happen again).

We called out TV3 for damaging the local independent music scene with terrible journalism.

Lazada Indonesia

We told some people to stop being idiots.

We tackled some dating issues. Actually, we tackled a lot of dating issues – and addressed toxic relationships.

We talked about rape culture in Malaysia.

We remembered people that we lost.

We lambasted a RM 1,000,000 Esports tournament for terrible organization and false promises.

We made some really funky videos.

We’re still making funky videos.

Anyways, let’s cut to the chase. As of December 12th, we have moved into our new office. We had a fun & exhausting time setting up furniture and putting everything in place – and now we’d like to offer you a chance to be a part of it.

We’re now officially accepting applications for internships!

Budding applicants can reach out to me at and do the following:

  1. Title the email “Internship Application – Editorial” or “Internship Application – Production”, depending on which department you’re applying for. Deviating from this might significantly lower your chances, although being uniquely creative might work. Might.
  2. Attach your CV. Yes, we’re aware that you’re very likely a student with little to no work experience if you’re applying for an internship (granted, there are exceptions), but it’s a really good idea to practice your CV writing skills. It’ll help you in the long run.
  3. Attach a picture of yourself, either as a separate image or as part of your CV. We’re looking for creative people, so we’re giving you some creative freedom here to send us a picture that you feel best represents who you are as a person. Don’t go sending us your passport photo. Seriously, don’t.
  4. Send us examples of your prior work. This could be PDFs of your writing samples or links to your showreel/assignments that you uploaded to YouTube. (WARNING: Do NOT send in a writing sample with Calibri as the font. This will cause our CEO’s head to instantly combust and your writing sample to go up in digital flames.)
  5. Tell us why we should pick you. Just a few short sentences as to why you’d want to intern with us, really. Go wild here, seriously.