By Hannah Azlan

We’re tired, we’re busy and make up is a girl’s best friend. That being said, even the best skin has imperfections: uneven complexions, under-eye circles and redness. Ultimately, we’re looking to conceal these imperfections and that’s how the art of colour correction comes in.

Inspired by the need to to achieve a flawless complexion, the home-grown Omorose Cosmetics unveiled a revolutionary product: Omorose AINGEAL – a colour neutraliser with SPF 35++ UVA/UVB protection; designed to hide skin imperfections such as redness, sallowness, skin discolouration and pigmentation. Colour correctional products function as concealer’s best friend (and secret weapon), thus AINGEAL brings together two (2) universal shades for all skin tones – ‘X Blue & Brown’ and ‘X Red / Highlighter’ that help achieve a natural, luminous complexion.

The art of colour correcting is art theory in practice: simply put, opposing colours on the colour wheel cancel each other out. To cancel out blue and purple undertones, AINGEAL– ‘X Blue & Brown’ (light coral in shade) will neutralise and brighten dark spots, dark under-eye circles, dullness, and acne scarring; while AINGEAL– ‘X Red / Highlighter’ (eggnog in shade) addresses patches of redness and skin discolouration such as veins on eyelids, rashes, pimples, rosacea, and birthmarks. It even has a highlighting benefit, leaving skin refreshed with a subtle glow.

Terry Liau, Founder of Omorose Cosmetics added, “Maintaining a glowing appearance is every woman’s dream. Having worked with Pink Ribbon Deeds Foundation (PRIDE Foundation) last year, I saw the need for a colour corrector in our range products, when I worked with cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy who had flushing (redness on the face and neck) and drug-induced hyperpigmentation (dark spots and discolouration). Omorose has always been an inclusive brand; and I believe that every woman deserves to look and feel good about themselves, which was why, after six (6) months of planning and formulation, we added AINGEAL to our range of make-up products, which we think will help all types of skin appear flawless and healthy, and emit a natural glow.”

Lazada Malaysia

Omorose AINGEAL is currently available at RM 134.00 via its online store and retail at counters at TANGS Malaysia in One Utama and Empire Subang; Parkson in Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Velocity Mall, and MyTOWN Shopping Centre; as well as at its newest counter in Parkson Elite, Pavilion. For more information, please check out: or