By Muhammad Nabil

Shamma Esoof, a Malaysian based award winning artist will be showcasing her debut solo photography exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. The exhibition, title Owls Know will display a series of captivating and mesmerizing owl portraits in conjunction with the celebration of International Mother Earth Day. The duration of the show will be from 22 April 2017 and run to 24 April to 2 May 2017.

The exhibition will be curated by Kenneth Wong, founder of People Ideas Culture 人思文, a social enterprise NGO.

The series consists primarily of striking portraits of owls that were shot at different locations in Malaysia. The purpose is to display why owls are always depicted and thought of as the wise and all-knowing, embedded into mainstream culture. Their deep gaze seems to shimmer with intelligence.

“I am drawn to them because their eyes seem to contain all the knowledge of the universe. They seem to hold secrets that are beyond our human understanding. The depth of their gaze seems to reach the very core of our souls,” says the artist.

A Lifelong Passion for Animals

Shamma’s passion has always been putting her art to the service of animal welfare advocacy for more than a decade. While she was born in Mauritius in 1986, she has made her home in Malaysia for the past 12 years.

Lazada Malaysia

Her work mostly revolves around animal portraits, with a majority of her work being shot in Malaysia. Among the causes that she supports are nature conservations and responsible pet guardianship.

Shamma’s photographic achievements include several awards such as: 2014 Smithsonian Altered Image Category Award, Capture the Moment Grand Prize 2013, amongst others.

Lazada Indonesia

Aside from her merits, her work has also been widely published across different media platforms such as BBC Nature, CBS News, My Modern Met, The Daily Mail, Aperture Magazine, The Sun Magazine, People Magazine Mauritius and Lens Magazine to name a few.

She has also participated in international exhibitions such as A Beautiful World – a traveling exhibition which toured in over 30 cities the UK from 2012 to 2016.

Positive International Response

Among the pieces being exhibited is a piece called Wet Owl. This photograph has won a Grand Prize in Capture The Moment, an international photography competition and also exhibited at the Duggal Visual Solutions headquarters in New York.

A Close Bond With Malaysia

“Malaysia has been a source of inspiration for me because of the incredible flora and fauna. I wish to inspire people to value and protect those natural treasures,” says Shamma.

Owls Know is going to be Shamma’s debut solo exhibition in Malaysia. The artist invites the public to come and immerse themselves in one of nature’s most mystical creatures.

A Diverse Collaboration

Kenneth Wong, founder of People Ideas Culture 人思文 (PIC) wants to raise awareness on environmental issues and animal welfare. Partnering with Shamma, PIC intends to bring a unique experience to the Malaysian public.