By A.Akbar

It’s not everyday that a local Malaysian band gets to tour with one of the biggest pop punk bands in the world. But after grinding for almost a decade, Patriots took that opportunity to shine on an international level.

In Malaysia, Patriots succeeded in bringing their brand of post-hardcore to light with hits like ‘Conquest’, ‘Seindah Kata’ with Kareema, and their latest single, ‘Hasut’. During Neck Deep’s visit to KL, the crowd moshed, two-stepped and sang along to their songs energetically from the start till the end. Even one of Neck Deep’s guitarist Matt West loves them, who wore a Patriots t-shirt during one of their shows.

Patriots, who became the special guest to Neck Deep’s South East Asia tour, was received extraordinarily well, especially in Manila, where fans of Neck Deep instantly became fans of Patriots as well after an impressive maiden performance in the capital city of the Philippines, Manila.

Patriots Live in Bangkok

Ending our tour with Neck Deep this Sunday in Philippines. Thank you to those who came to say hi and to those who bought our merch. It has been such an amazing experience for us. If you guys are interested to listen to our full EP + Bonus tracks, Drop your email here!

Posted by Patriots on 15hb Mac 2018

Their new fans from Manila brought the love towards Patriots on Twitter with a few even requested for them to come for a second show.

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Patriots isn’t the first Malaysian band to be celebrated in the Phillippines. Bands like Love Me Butch, An Honest Mistake and Scarlet Heroes set foot in Manila much earlier and received positive response from the scene there. Congratulations, nevertheless!