PlayStation players are always hungry for discounts so anytime there are “sales and promotions” announcements, there will be a mighty lot of thirst on those discounted items. I know the feeling because I’m guilty as charged. Hey, we all got budgets to live on, so thank the gaming gods for annual sales like these. Steam vets, you what I mean.

Gamer blues aside, please note that the discounted prices are only available from “8.9.2017 11:00am to 19.9.2017 11:59pm.”

  1. NieR:Automata (English/Chinese/Korean/Japanese Ver.)


This is one of the biggest games of 2017. If you love games with great reviews and has a lot of mechanical stuff, this product is suitable for your consumption.

After discount price: RM140.40


  1. Destiny: THE COLLECTION (English Ver.)

In case you wish you brush up on anything-Destiny before diving into the whole Destiny 2 bandwagon. Though my dear colleague, Nabil don’t seem to be a fan of the sequel though, judging from his recent thoughts here.

After discount price: RM49.50


  1. Assassin’s Creed Unity – Digital Standard Edition (Korean, Traditional Chinese, English)


Whether it is bad or good, this game is at a discounted price of RM24.90…


  1. Far Cry Primal – Digital Apex Edition (Korean, Traditional Chinese, English, Simplified Chinese)

This title is set in the Stone Age era. So you can guess things got primal. *Drops mic*

After discount Price: RM44.70


  1. Far Cry 4 – Standard Edition (Korean, English)

Play this version if you prefer elephants over mammoths or you’re not into anything too primal.

After discount price: RM49.80


  1. DARK SOULS™ II: Scholar of the First Sin (English/Chinese/Korean Ver.)

The famously difficult but #aestheticgoals game.

After discount price: RM105.00


  1. DARK SOULS™ III (English/Chinese/Korean Ver.)

The incredibly difficult successor of the previously mentioned game. Clearly, difficulty and aesthetics runs in the family.

After discount price: RM126.00



When you’re tired of flinging Pokémon balls. Rest assured, I’m not insinuating anything.

After discount price: RM131.40


  1. Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ – Game of the Year Edition (English Ver.)

For less than RM30, you will be getting yourself a crown jewel that has won multiple awards and fanboys’/fangirls’ hearts.

After discount price: RM25.50


  1. Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare (English Ver.)

I’m not gonna make a Battlefield 1 joke. Oh wait, I just did. Sorry.

After discount price: RM68.70

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