By Yue Lynn

If you’re a PlayStation fan who wasn’t able to attend the much-ridiculed PlayStation Experience 2017 South East Asia (such an ironic name when the experience is non-existent for people who can’t get in the venue), let me give you a virtual high five and a cookie. That event was a man-made disaster in terms of poor location choices but you know what wasn’t a catastrophe? PlayStation Store Summer Sale! Yup, now’s the time where you can fork out some money on heavily-discounted video games without feeling too guilty. Spoiler alert: Injustice 2’s discount is measly so just ignore it. Without further ado, let’s get our PS4 consoles rolling!

TITANFALL 2 (Standard Edition; English/Chinese Version)


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I’m not pulling your leg when I say one of the best games of 2016 is only RM49.50 (original price: RM99.00). For the uninitiated, Titanfall 2 is a visually breathtaking game that features multiplayer and single player campaigns where sometimes, you pilot robotic titans and get your butt involved in titan vs titan bloodbath and Call Of Duty-style combat. With a wide array of weapon choices that affect your each and every encounter (and outcome) with enemies, you got yourself the ultimate fusion buffet to eat.